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Get your projects under control

SCRAIM streamlines the planning and execution of all your projects, tasks and processes. Improve your workflow with SCRAIM's real-time reporting.

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Customize your processes or use ready-made ones according to your company's operations

Development process

Design your development process to meet your specific needs and improve collaboration and productivity.

Marketing process

Craft a marketing process with multiple phases to help you reach your target audience effectively.

Consulting process

Create a consulting process and adjust each step to fit your clients' needs.

Sales process

Design your sales process with as many phases you like. Adjust each process action to your needs.

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Execute multiple tasks at the same time, effortlessly

Project planning

Manage team allocation and monitor their progress

Time management

Anticipate and prevent delays


Real-time visibility of all projects progress and status

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Fully equipped with all the features you need to manage your project, this is a must-have tool for any team leader or project manager.

Did you know...

80% of employees

spend half of their workweek on “rework” caused by poor communication

46% of team leaders

say hitting project deadlines is their biggest problem

One month per year

is the time the average employee saves by using an appropriate software

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With SCRAIM you will be able to overcome these obstacles. See what our clients have to say about SCRAIM