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SCRAIM @ Web Summit

Published on 2016-10-17

Scraim will attend the Web Summit that will take place in Lisbon between November 7th and 10th of 2016. 
This event, known as "the best technology conference on the planet", will feature various world-class speakers, leading investors, international media and the most promising startups across the globe.


Check out our new and improved Advanced Cost Management Module!

Published on 2016-07-27

Sometimes it is difficult to effectively forecast and manage costs, specially in large projects.  With that in mind we improved our Cost Management module to make this task easier for you.

You will have access to:
- Real-time monitorizacion of project costs;
- Cost and Profit Forecasting per project;
- Planning of human and material resources;
- Comparison of planned versus actual costs;
You see? Now you can stay on top of your projects costs!

If you're not sure, try our freemium version.



Published on 2016-05-16

Scraim team organized an exciting workshop (rated 5 stars by participants) last 10th of May at the world's largest process improvement event - CMMI GLOBAL CONFERENCE USA in Annapolis, MD.

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Scraim is now featured on Product Hunt

Published on 2016-05-16

Scraim is now featured on Product Hunt! Help us help organizations improve the way they work. 

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Scraim invited to present in Silicon Valley at LaunchCMU SV 2016 - CMU Silicon Valley

Published on 2016-05-16

Followed by last year's edition of LaunchCMU in Pittsburgh, Scraim will again be at Launch CMU, this time in Silicon Valley. Organized by Carnegie Mellon University Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (CIE), LaunchCMU is a Technology Startup and Research Showcase.

Check out the full agenda and who is presenting here:


Portugal largest Mobile Operator NOS - names Scraim as a success case

Published on 2016-05-16

Portugal largest Mobile Operator NOS - names Scraim as a success case and invites the team for an interview, posted at their corporate website.

Check the full interview here: (Portuguese)



Published on 2016-02-16

To make your life easier, we enhanced the usability of the planning module and in addition we automated several operations.

Now, you can plan your projects even faster and invest your focus on what really matters: ACHIEVING YOUR GOALS!

Besides developing a more intuitive user interface and improving the user experience, you'll now get access to set of new features that will save you time and effort while planning your projects. Now you'll be able to:

• Automatically generate work items from the project process WBS;

• Forward unfinished work items to the next iteration with a single click;

• Automatically plan new work items based on the team's velocity/capacity;

• Drag and drop multiple work items at once;

• Know right away which work items need your immediate attention;

• And much, much more!

Watch the new features in action in this video: 


Video with highlights of the event ‘Caixa Empreender Award 2016’ !

Published on 2016-02-15

Produced by CGD, this video shows some highlights of the award ceremony, including some remarks made by Pedro Castro Henriques, SCRAIM CEO.

Selected as one of the most innovative and promising startups of 2015 in Portugal, SCRAIM was competing for the final prize with six another entrepreneur initiatives.

The presence as a finalist at ‘Caixa Empreender Award 2016’ marks another milestone for SCRAIM, showing the competiveness of the company and its position as a leading enterprise.

Watch the video here:


SCRAIM among the finalists at ‘Caixa Empreender Award 2016’ !

Published on 2016-02-15

Pedro Castro Henriques, CEO, and César Duarte, CTO, attended ‘Caixa Empreender Award 2016’ on February 3rd. SCRAIM’s entrepreneurial initiative was chosen as one of the seven most innovative and promising startups of 2016 in Portugal.

‘Caixa Empreender Award 2016’ was an event that assembled several national and international investors, startups, incubators, research centers, and universities to select the best startup companies of 2015. This award was intended to promote integration among these players, in an effort to boost knowledge sharing through workshops and valuable talks.

The main goal of ‘Caixa Empreender Award 2016’ was to reward the most promising startups from the ones identified through partnerships with Portuguese Acceleration programs.

Caixa Capital has invested €750k in 7 startups from Act by COTEC, BGI by ISCTE/MIT Portugal, inRes by CMU-Portugal, Lisbon Challenge by Beta-i, Startup Braga and Startup Lisboa Boost. All of them had the opportunity to pitch at Caixa Empreender Award to compete for an additional €100k in a convertible note.

Paddy Cosgrave, the Web Summit CEO, highlighted the uniqueness of ‘Caixa Empreender Award 2016’:
"There was something special about Lisbon. There was a strong community that just wanted to build things"
@paddycosgrave #CaixaEmpreender

See more photos of the event here:


Scraim receives 50 thousand euros from Caixa Capital

Published on 2015-12-10

It's still eligible to receive another prize of 100 thousand euros by entering the “Caixa Empreender Awards” contest and it also aims to implant their business on the US market.

The spin-off project from Strongstep - Scraim - will receive funding equal to 50 thousand euros from Caixa Capital, stemming from the partnership between this Caixa Geral de Depósitos operation and the Carnegie Mellon University Portugal (CMU Portugal) program.

The project is recognized by the venture capital bank as the most promising out of four projects, developed during this year's edition of the inRes program, a CMU Portugal initiative for the acceleration of business projects.

Founded amidst the UPTEC context in Oporto, Scraim can still receive an aditional 100 thousand euros from the “Caixa Empreender Award”. The already obtained prize money will support the operation to raise the 1.2 million dollars that Strongstep's CEO Pedro Castro Henriques hopes to raise in order to guarantee the sustenance of the startup's activity on the US market.

Scraim settles its strategy in the providing of an online service for an integrated management of processes, which promotes the acceleration of international certifications' achievement progress as well as the relief of human labor and financial effort.

The spin-off states that it can reduce the certification period of management processes from 12 months to 3 and its costs from 180 thousand euros to 30 thousand, all this without resorting to external consultancy services.

This capacity is based in two key elements, as the CEO firmly declared during inRes 2015's results presentation. The first is the use of pre-developed processes that are adaptable and can cover all lifecycles while the second is the evaluation and automatic analysis of stock control with certifications in mind.

According to Castro Henriques, the service was born from the knowledge and experience accumulated from developingprojects in various companies and clients, such as BPI, Alert and the Hospital center of Vila Nova de Gaia.

“We noticed that the same problems were occurring over and over again during the certification process in many organizations”, he said.

At the moment the company is developing pilot-projects in the USA with the CMMI Institute, e360 and Kopo. It has established a partnership to provide the service through the World's largest investor based in Silicon Valley, the incubator Plug and Play. Finally, it has also partnered with the Founder Institute and the startup accelerator Thrill Mill.

The other 3 initiatives that took part on this year's edition of inRes were:

- Playsketch: a developer of applications that allow anyone to create mobile platform games through sketches made on paper which are scanned later on. It aims to explore the possibility of offering people the opportunity to create their own games. It has functional prototypes and is counting on launching their beta versions very soon.

- AdapTech: a biomedical company that develops smart and wearable technologies to help people with physical limitations. The product is a complete solution for the adaptation of prosthetics, able to optimize the patients' adaptation to the fitting.

- Sceelix: it owns a software with the same name that allows 3D game designers to create virtual and complex sets, such as fields, cities and forests in a more efficient and easy way. It provides a visual language to define rules and algorithms that produce these sets in an automatic way.

Read the original post (PT version) here:

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"Portuguese entrepreneurs visit Silicon Valley” featured at BIT!

Published on 2015-11-05

AdaptTech, Playsketch, Sceelix and Scraim were the companies which visited Silicon Valley this week under inRes, a business acceleration program sponsored by Carnegie Mellon University Portugal and financed by the Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT).
These teams were joined by three startup teams who participated in the 2014 edition: AddVolt, Followprice and Xhockware.

João Claro, national director of CMU Portugal, said in a statement that "the four teams that are participating at this year's inRes have already gone through an intensive period of training and business development in Pittsburgh and CMU, where each team partook in more than 50 meetings, organized workshops with potential users and participated in events attended by potential customers, partners and investors." João Claro also reinforces that "this exposure to Silicon Valley will allow them to continue to apply and develop their communication, business and leadership skills of technology-based projects."

"The immersion in Silicon Valley appears linked to the presence of CMU in the region,allowing teams to establish contacts with the technological ecosystem and local entrepreneurship. Providing this proximity and access to business - as potential investors, partners or customers - has always been a concern of ours as an organization and the implementation has brought unique and very positive results", said João Claro.

During this week in Silicon Valley, the teams will visit and meet companies like Facebook, Twitter and Uber, will make presentations to potential users, partners and investors and will also have the opportunity to interact with business accelerators.
In a statement, those responsible for this program explain that inRes differentiates itself by being devoted to projects that are in a very critical and specific transition phase of development.

"Immersion in such a rich ecosystem of contacts acts as a driving factor for the teams' development and the assertion of its products and services in the market. That is a priceless advantage for the teams as it makes our entrepreneurs and their projects more competitive and strong in the market. In the meantime, this presence on site gives them knowledge and skills to better manage their startups today and in the future”, says the national director of the program.

Besides the presence in Silicon Valey, the support of Caixa Capital is also a novelty of this edition of inRes, where they will award a 50 000 EUR investment to one of the participant projects, which will also be eligible to collect an aditional 100 000 EUR investment under the “Caixa Empreender Award”.

On December 3rd, at Culturgest, the CMU Portugal Program will hold a closing session for the 2015 edition of inRes, which will feature the testimony of both the 2014 and 2015 teams in person.

Read the original post (PT version) here:


Joint Talk on Software Engineering Process and Best Practice at Institute for Software Research was a success!

Published on 2015-11-03

Scraim and Strongstep held a round of brief mini-talks on the global state and future of software engineering and project management on October 6th, in the Institute for Software Research at Pittsburgh – USA.

The Institute for Software Research – Carnegie Mellon Institute has one of the most recognized masters in the world of Software Engineering. The goal of the Masters program is to create new leaders of industrial software engineering practice.
The graduates of the MSE program will not only understand and be able to apply the best of current practice, but will also be capable to act as agents of change, improving that practice as the field continues to evolve.

Pedro Castro Henriques, Cofounder & CEO of Strongstep and consultant in software engineer, spoke about software engineering best practices across the world and how you can use them in real world situations.

César Duarte, CTO of Scraim, has extensive experience helping companies withsoftware process improvement using Lean and Kaizen. While his background is inengineering, he also has experience in product and project management. His talk was about the Future of Project Management.

Kirk Botula, is a global technology executive focused on advancing the common good through the commercialization of technology and CEO of the CMMI Institute, a subsidiary of Carnegie Mellon which helps organizations discover the true value they can deliver by building capability in their people and processes. The Institute is the global leader in the elevation of organizational performance.

Kirk Botula  talked about Capability Counts: Direct Links Between Capability and Competitive Advantage: based upon the theory and practice of competitive strategy to explain how creating distinctive capabilities deliver results that are difficult for competitors to replicate.
For the participants, the goal of this round of brief mini-talks was to fully understand the importance of the future of software engineering and project management.

Scraim and Strongstep congratulates all those involved in the event for the excellent final results and we hope you have enjoyed the pizza!

See the event photos here:


Scraim has a brand new document management system!

Published on 2015-10-27

In addition to a completely renewed process module and menu, Scraim has also updated its document management system.

These changes are geared to improve communication and teamwork indexes by reducing the overall cost, complexity and time associated with managing a project's resources. With this new feature you will be able to sort your work in both documents and folders, each with their set of details to help you choose what's best for you. Documents can be organized by version/revision and blocked while both types can be deleted and be marked for e-mail notifications, which will be triggered every time a change is made.

It's also possible to create different kinds of symbolic links that will establish a quick gateway for your data. You can send them (or a direct reference for the folder/document of choice, should you prefer) via e-mail or simply let them sit on your work area. It's also possible to create special connections (or macros) in you Wiki directly to a document/folder or one of its gateways, all to help you cut the number of steps between you and your data down to the bare minimum.

Furthermore, you can move your stuff around more quickly in single manner or by bundling them in groups. Simply use the feature provided in the folder/document screen or either check the resources meant to change place or drag them to the assigned area and you'll be able to import and/or export your data more quickly.

All of this is already waiting for you. GET SCRAIMING!


Check out our amazing new Menu and a much improved Processes module!

Published on 2015-10-26

Scraim now has a slicker Processes module which allows for an easier understanding of which process would better work in favor of your team's strengths. It is now present in a new area, worked and thought in-depth to allow for a simpler and intuitive management of your organization's development processes.

But the news don't stop there!

We also redesigned our menu so that the navigation is simple, fast and intuitive. Usability improvements have been made as to allow for a faster way to navigate between projects that will facilitate your day-to-day. You will be able to work faster, more incisively and more organized than ever before.



Scraim’s first USA client!

Published on 2015-10-19

Kopo, a hardware startup developing low cost water purification products for the developing world became Scraim’s first international client just at the end of last week.

With a team made up of engineers and designers from MIT and CMU, their focus is on finding low-cost, culturally appropriate solutions to meet the needs of low-income communities.

The company will be using Scraim in order to start following international best practices and improving their productivity!


Agile Project Management Workshop received positively in the USA - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Published on 2015-10-12

Scraim and Strongstep held a workshop on Agile Project Management last week, on September 30th, in the city of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. This workshop was centered around the use of Scraim, an online service of integrated projects based on adaptive processes to help standardize good practices across the organization - speeding up CERTIFICATION.

César Duarte, product manager of Scraim, and Pedro Castro Henriques, software engineer consultant, were the speakers at the event where several participants were in attendance, including Carnegie Mellon University (CMU), the Software Engineering Institute (SEI), CMMI Institute and several startups.

The goals of the workshop for Scraim team were to validate the tool in real time with American companies and get feedback from American/international users as well as the performance of some agile management using the tool – with real life assignments. By performing these tasks, users had the opportunity to learn about Agile Project Management with a more "hands-on" approach.

For the participants, the goals of this workshop were to understand Agile project management principles, gain awareness of good practices that can be applied and receive the coveted “Introduction to Agile Project Management” certificate awarded by Strongstep and Scraim.

Scraim congratulates all involved in the event organization for its great success.

“(…) I really enjoyed myself and learned a lot about Scraim and how useful it is with project management (…) I really enjoyed the Scraim system and believe it will be a very powerful tool to use as we progress, to manage our projects and procesess to be more efficient.” by Torrell Jackson – from Chiropractor Technology


Scraim is one of the four young entrepreneurial teams rocking the USA according to Oje!

Published on 2015-09-30

Read the original post (PT version) here:

" Young Portuguese entrepreneurs emerge in the USFour teams of entrepreneurs - AdaptTech, Playsketch, Sceelix and Scraim - will carry out an intensive training and interrelationship schedule in the US city of Pittsburgh and on Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) under the inRES, a business acceleration program in the field of Information and Communication Technologies.

The program, sponsored by the CMU Portugal, allows portuguese entrepreneurs to have a workspace in Project Olympus, a business accelerator owned by CMU.

The agenda also includes attendance in various relevant initiatives in the field of entrepreneurship and innovation with LaunchCMU, an initiave promoted by CMU's Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, being one of the examples. There the INRES teams will showcase their projects not only by taking part in an exhibition but also through a pitch.

João Claro, national director of CMU Portugal, notes that the 2014 INRES edition "beyond their planned attendance, the teams also seized unpredictable opportunities to participate in events with prominent presences, such as Addvolt, which won a pitch contest that it ended up unexpectedly attending."

This year INRES has retained the support of Caixa Capital by assigning an investment of 50 000 euros to an integrant project of the 2015 edition, a project that will still be eligible to secure the additional investment of 100 000 euros under the "Caixa Empreender Award".

INRES is an initiative of the CMU Portugal program, financed by the Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia (FCT) and supported by the Conselho de Reitores das Universidades Portuguesas (CRUP), in partnership with CMU,the Pittsburgh Regional Alliance (PRA),Caixa Capital ,the UTEN Portugal and INESC TEC. More information at
The INRES teams in 2015:AdaptTech ( - incubated in UPTEC, AdaptTech operates in the biomedical field, using innovative, smart and wearable technologies to improve the quality of life of people with physical limitations.

Playsketch ( - incubated at IPN, the Playsktech works in the area of games and is developing a solution that allows you to create a game through a drawing on paper.

Sceelix ( - a project that has a solution designed to improve the development of 3D environments in games, by creating scenarios and digital 3D elements in a simplified manner.

Scraim ( - a Strongstep project, incubated in UPTEC with an online project management tool, which acts as a complete and easy to use SaaS multiplatform. "


Scraim is the profile of the week on!

Published on 2015-09-09

Read the original post (PT version) here:

"We live in a world where the management of projects and people is a constant challenge for the organizations. The multiplicity of tasks involved in the development of a project and the geographical distance of the people who comprise it creates problems in the organizations, that leads to the search for solutions that often reinvent the wheel.

After many years helping organizations to solve these problems that occur over and over again, from startups and PMEs to recognized multinationals,, we realized how important it would be to create a solution that would allow greater flexibility and reliability in meeting the goals of a project, following international best practices. And so Scraim was born.

Combining the best of project management with process management, Scraim allows you to centralize all the information of the projects and processes of an organization in an online service accessible anytime, anywhere via the web or mobile app. It’s flexible and adapts to the specific needs of organizations, both in terms of size and business area.

Scraim was developed based on international best development practices for engineering and software quality, in order to enable managers of telecommunications, banking, health and information and communication sectors to improve their ability to comply with deadlines, budget and the quality of their projects.

We brought the best international engineering and management practices from many methodologies into the tool (Scrum, CMMI, ITMark, TSP / PSP, Six Sigma)., but the greatest added value involves the provision of turnkey development processes that allow users to start getting added value from the first minute they start using the tool.

When creating a new project, users can choose a development process that is ideal for that project. Scraim can adapt to the chosen process, phases and tasks that normally are present in this type of projects.

We recognize that there are already tools that do well some of the previous functions, however there are few that combine the best practices of both areas (project management and process management) in favor of software engineering. It is in this niche that we insert ourselves and where we want to highlight.

Thinking about internationalization, we submitted an application and were selected for the 2015 edition of the inRES, an initiative of the CMU Portugal Program. This allow us to participate in workshops led by international experts with an in-depth knowledge of global best practices in the areas of management, innovation and entrepreneurship.

In September, we're going to Pittsburgh and Carnegie Mellon University (CMU), in the United States, where we have a training program and the participation in events and multiple meetings that will allow us to know better the American reality and improve Scraim. This opportunity came at the right time, because we're making a big commitment on our internationalization. The United States is our main target market due to its size and the large number of companies that are certified or wish to be certified. We will be exposed to an environment that will make us stronger and more focused on the evolution of Scraim with the great goal of becoming a global service.

Developed in Portugal by a 100% portuguese team, Scraim is a spin-off of Strongstep company. It is the result of an I&D project in partnership with Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto (FEUP), Multicert and Strongstep, under the slogan: Design by gurus, implemented by specialists and validated by the industry. Strongstep brought knowledge about the processes, good software development practices, and leadership of the consortium in the amount of half a million euros. FEUP was responsible for the design and implementation of part of the solution prototype bringing their technical and scientific knowledge. Multicert brought their security expertise to the project and represented the industry where the project pilots were conducted to validate the solution."


Workspace Launch!

Published on 2015-09-08

Scraim is once again making it easier for you!

With the Workspace, our latest feature, you can easily have an excellent overview of your team’s current work with this amazing visualization tool and know right away what to do next.

Nowadays is very common to find multi-cultured and dispersed teams working together. In this kind of scenario its very easy for something to go wrong. Trying to keep the project activities synchronized in this chaotic environment is one of the main reasons why many projects fail.
Sharing a common workspace not only provides teams with the data and tools they need to achieve success, but also demonstrates their dedication and commitment to achieve their goals.

The Workspace unifies the data from all projects in one location and serves as a reliable single source of information which ensures that decisions are based on the most current and complete updates.
This platform promotes greater visibility and transparency by allowing team members to track the progress of other team members so that activities that are behind schedule are quickly identified, always on real time, and allowed to be prioritized.

Communication and collaboration are an important key to any project

Learn how to use it here:


Scraim's android app is here!

Published on 2015-09-02

Stay on top of your projects anytime, anywhere!
Now with Scraim Go it’s easier to access information on Scraim whenever you need, making sure your teams are always following the best development practices in the world.

With our app you will always be able to:
- Access your projects easily and keep track of its status and check up on their key information
- Know the goals and deadlines of your activities right away
- Remind yourself of what tasks still await your attention by checking the Backlog
- Get in touch with other members of your team, interaction between team members is essential to any project
- You can always send us some feedback, we are always interested in hearing from you!

Scraim Go is 100% free to use - only an Internet connection and a Scraim account are required.
Become a part of the Scraim family today!


Practical workshop on Agile Project Management

Published on 2015-08-10

On August 12, at the Auditorium of the Central building of UPTEC, will be held a workshop on the SCRAIM project management service.
This workshop will run for approximately 2 hours and will address, in a practical way, on topics related to the project management using the principles of agile methodologies. Practical exercises will be held at SCRAIM, an online service of integrated projects based on adaptive processes to help standardize good practices across the organization.

WHEN: August 12 17:00 to 19:00
WHERE: Auditorium of the Central building UPTEC
SPEAKER/TRAINER: César Duarte is the product manager of SCRAIM. Helped companies with software process improvement, Lean and Kaizen. He has background in engineering and experience in product and project management.

This workshop is open to all companies of UPTEC, for the founders and CEOs and members of the products and project teams.

Free registration.
Registration required and limited to 30 participants.


Meet the winners of the LGP Challenge 2015!

Published on 2015-07-02

The LGP Challenge award for this year was officially handed on June 29th. The winning team, which was awarded for following international best pratices using Scraim, developed the Ecodriving project in partnership with Nomad Tech during the 6 months the LGP course from FEUP's Master in Informatics and Computing Engineering was held.
The prize, 15.000€ in training, awarded by Strongstep to the whole team, was presented by the President of the CMMI Institute Kirk Botula to students Carlos Fernandes, Eduardo Abreu, João Dias, Luís Araújo, Miguel Pereira, Sérgio Esteves, Armindo Carvalho, José Pinto and João Marques.

Congratulations to the winners!


Scraim on his way to the USA!

Published on 2015-06-25

The names of the four teams which will participate in the second edition of inRes were recently announced and Scraim is one of them. Alongside Adapttech, Playsketch and Sceelix, Scraim will kick-off this week with the preparation phase, still in Portugal, focusing on the improvement of product/services, business concepts and the development of an immersion plan for the two months which will be spent in the USA. This business acceleration program is part of the Program Carnegie Mellon Portugal (CMU Portugal) and is financed by the foundation for Science and Technology (FCT).


Scraim @ LGP Challenge 2015 event

Published on 2015-06-12

Once again, Scraim was present at this year's LGP Challenge to witness the final accomplishments of this amazing partnership between the more than 200 users from the Master's Degree in Computer Engineering, Multimedia and Communication Design that were working in real projects for real companies throughout the last 6 months.
Scraim was one of the vital parts in this process, as it was chosen as the project management tool that helped both students, clients and teachers to achieve the best outcome for their products, making sure that the LGP process was being followed by everyone.
We congratulate everyone involved in the organization of the event for its tremendous success.


Scraim at Blue Week 2015

Published on 2015-06-09

Our Scraim team was present at the Blue Business Forum, to let all those who care about the ocean know how they can get all of their projects safely to harbour.
This year Blue Week, a meeting platform for all of those who care about the ocean, took place in Lisbon, Portugal last Thursday. The main goal of the event was to promote the development of a maritime economy in a non-traditional way, more focused on creating a balance between financial opportunity and the responsible investment in a more sustainable blue economy.
Hosted by the AIP Foundation in one of the most modern portuguese fairgrounds, the Lisbon International Fair, this event was an excellent opportunity for us to share knowledge and do business with many companies from different countries in the challenging context of the blue economy.


Scraim boosting project management skills at FEUP

Published on 2015-06-04

Last Tuesday the Scraim team attended the final presentations of the Systems Analysis and Project Management (ASGP) course included in the Electrical and Computers Engineering Master's from FEUP.
This course unit aims not only to train students in the analysis of systems and projects in a real corporate environment but also to help them acquire work experience distributed and based on the Internet.
Scraim was there throughout the course to provide a Saas service for project management with which the students could work in an efficient workspace, improve their team collaboration and allocation skills and have a constant overview of their project status and progress so the final product would match their expectations.
This partnership was a great success for both parties and we congratulate all the students, teachers and clients for their great work and final results.


Spring Newsletter

Published on 2015-03-30

The warm days of spring are arriving and so it’s our most recent newsletter!
See here our latest Newsletter with the following topics:

- Finalist at Global Startup Awards
- Agile Project Management workshop with AlumniEI
- Scraim at LGP Challenge’15
- Workshop with ESTGF
- Brand New look!


Scraim has a new look!

Published on 2015-03-24

Having trouble finding what you need in our application? Worry no more, Scraim is now even easier to use! With our new user-friendly menu, you can easily navigate across all the Scraim features in a faster and effortlessly way.
Check it out!


Scraim Workshop @ ESTGF - IPP

Published on 2015-03-24

On the 12th of March, SCRAIM, in partnership with Escola Superior de Tecnologia e Gestão de Felgueiras, offered a workshop based on SCRAIM so both students and teachers can solve real project management challenges.


Scraim @ LGP Challenge

Published on 2015-03-24

This year LGP Challenge edition started on March 6th, and once again Scraim was chosen to help both students, teachers and companies to achieve the best outcome and products from this partnership!
This challenge will count with more than 200 students from the Masters in Informatics, Multimedia and Communication Design, that are working for real companies in real projects.


Scraim showing its POWER at Global Startups Awards!

Published on 2015-02-10

Scraim is one of the 6 finalists for the 1st edition of the Global Startup Awards, by Jornal Negócios and Computerworld.
This event "Startup Awards 2015 powered by HP", sponsored by CIONET, an european community of information technologies executives, intends to distinguish the best portuguese startup.
The selection of the award winner for the best young company will take place at the event CIO 2015 on the next 19 of february, where also the top 3 national CIO will be known.
This event will give the oportunity to each finalist company to  closely present their projects and teams to the main portuguese digital makers in a privileged networking environment.

Featured in:

Jornal de Negócios





Scraim is news at Semana Informática!

Published on 2014-12-18

According to Semana Informática, Scraim is the watchword to boost productivity and reduce costs.
Click on the link below to know what they have to say about us!


Share to win exclusive offers!

Published on 2014-12-18

Invite your friends to join our community and get exclusive offers from Scraim!
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“Love only grows by sharing. You can only have more for yourself by giving it away to others.”  ― Brian Tracy


Scraim is news again!

Published on 2014-11-17

Scraim is news again, this time in Notícias da UP! Check it out at


Super Scraim @ Sapo tek

Published on 2014-11-17

Scraim highlighted in Sapo Tek news ! Check it out at


SCRAIM at the Rocket Space stage!

Published on 2014-10-23

SCRAIM attended the Rockect Space, at the tecnet event, a space organized by Ignite Portugal to give voice and stage to the companies ideas, launching them in to the future with an Elevator Pitch.
 This session, where a pitch presentation about SCRAIM was made, counted with the presence of investors and renowned companies such as NOS, Novabase and Creativesystems.


SCRAIM at Tecnet Business Camp

Published on 2014-10-23

On the last 17th and 18th of October, Scraim was present at the Tecnet event held in São João da Madeira, in which entrepreneurship and business opportunities find a launch pad.
 The event was dedicated to technology, innovation and business and social entrepreneurship, and was attended by hundreds of technology and creative based companies.
This edition took place at Torre da Oliva, and was graced by the presence of renowned speakers, such as Alexander Osterwalder, tech guru and co-creator of the Business Canvas Model, Mira Amaral ex-minister and actual CEO of BIC bank, and the humorist Nilton.


SCRAIM was officially launched!

Published on 2014-10-23

We are proud to announce that SCRAIM was officially launched. SCRAIM is a complete project management (PM) SaaS, supported by ready-made configurable development processes and based on advanced methodologies with intelligent decision support mechanisms. Our mission is to provide a Project Management service, where you can access every time and everywhere through a web and mobile app, that has all in one place but is still flexible enough to adapt to your specific needs. With SCRAIM you are now able to improve your company productivity and reduce costs with an affordable solution. Stop SCREAMING, start SCRAIMING!


SCRAIM Customer Satisfaction Survey

Published on 2014-10-15

We want you to share with us your feedback about SCRAIM. All you need to do is to click the link below and fill our brief survey.Thank your for your participation!


SCRAIM selected to participate in The Summit Dublin

Published on 2014-10-15

SCRAIM was selected, among thousands of candidates, under the Alpha Program, to participate, along with several international startups, in The Summit Dublin, one of the largest international technology conferences.


SCRAIM Internationalization Strategy Workshop

Published on 2014-10-15

On the 26th of July was held the Internationalization Strategy Workshop, having as goal the definition of the SCRAIM internalization strategy. The workshop was attended by experienced professionals, from top companies, FEUP academics, responsible for top investigation groups in Portugal and Paul Nielsen, from the Software Engineering Institute.


SCRAIM presentation event at UPTEC

Published on 2014-10-15

Last July the 25th, at the premises of UPTEC, an event was held with a presentation of SCRAIM and use cases from our first customers, which was graced with the presence of Paul Nielsen, Director and CEO of the Software Engineering Institute.


SCRAIM selected to pitch to American investors

Published on 2014-10-15

SCRAIM was one of the eight startups selected to pitch to American investors. The pitch, organized by the american embassy in partnership with UPTEC, took place on the 17th of July, at the UPTEC facilities, being graced by the presence of Robert A. Sherman, the american ambassador in Portugal.