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Organize your plans and ideas

SCRAIM offers several functionalities that make project management easier.

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Agile Planning

Easily define and schedule the deliverables and work items for each iteration. Define the specifications of your work items in an intuitive form.

Organizational Processes

Create one from scratch or choose the most suitable ready-made process to set up and apply to your company projects.

Team Agile Management

Easily track and organize your projects work items. Get a clear overview of your weekly work items. Manage your team allocation.

Project Dashboard

Quickly review the state of your project on the dashboard with real-time updates of your team progress.

Kanban Board

Simple view of the projects stages and tasks that facilitates the monitoring of the projects progress.

The solution for your problems

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  • Be more efficient by planning tasks
  • Follow a work methodology
  • Easy to use and set up

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