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Developed with the idea to use best practices for a better work management.

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SCRAIM is based on three pillars

The idea for this platform comes from Strongstep's experience in trying to solve the project management problems of its clients. We achieved this by creating an online solution that would allow greater agility and reliability in managing their projects.

SCRAIM is the result of a partnership with the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto (FEUP) and Strongstep. It was developed based on international best pratices for a better work management, thanks to Strongstep's expertise in process improvement.

Our goal is to globalize the usage of best practices in project management so that we can better help our clients become more efficient tackling their own issues.

SCRAIM Pillars
SCRAIM Pillars


Respecting the life cycle of any product or service, this platform will help you manage your project portfolio and create new ones instantly and in a few steps, following an agile methodology.

Organizational Processes

SCRAIM is the key to solve the problems caused by the lack of processes in organizations, the high amount of tasks involved in a project and the geographical distance of the people who integrate it.


SCRAIM helps you succeed to implement internal processes that make it easier for your teams to work at a steady pace and lays out a workflow that will support them in facing several impediments, such as knowing how to act if there is no guideline to follow.


Our mission is to provide a service that you can access anytime, anywhere with all in one place and still flexible enough to adapt to your specific needs and requirements.

The solution for your problems

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  • Be more efficient by planning tasks
  • Follow a work methodology
  • Easy to use and set up

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